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911 2.2S Engine Rebuild – Part 14: Dizzy, Aerated & Exhausted!

Plumbing almost complete
Plumbing almost complete

This could be the range of emotions that you’d expect to go through as an integral part of classic car ownership but in the context of this post they refer to remaining problems that had to be sorted out on my engine following its complete rebuild.

With the benefit of hindsight – driving the car to Le Mans in June 2014 before the engine was fully sorted and properly set-up  wasn’t one of my better ideas!

Connecting up reinstalled engine
Connecting up reinstalled engine

Steve did his best to sort things out but both he and I were unaware of some underlying issues which impacted performance and smooth running during the trip.

Thanks to Steve’s perseverance in analysing the multiple, linked issues and sorting them out I now have a car which is running so much better than on the Le Mans trip that I barely recognise it. I just can’t stop grinning whilst driving it!

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911 saga


My 911 saga began with a dream of owning a Porsche 356 but much research and inspection of cars led me to the conclusion that:-

a) buying a decent 356 was beyond my means and

b) using a 356 as a daily driver wasn’t really very practical.

The 356 engined 912 became the next target until  the now well established Porsche expert (Andy Prill) pointed out that restoration costs for a 912 are pretty well the same as for a 911 but the resulting value of the car would be very different.

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